Disclosures, Disclaimers, Etc. (aka: the wherefore and whereas section)

I’m sure I’ll need to add to this page in the future, but for now, in the interest of honesty, (and, of course, in an attempt to avoid getting into any trouble with anyone for anything) these are the things I think you should and/or might like to know about me and Cake & Sprinkles Too!  If you have any questions just drop me a note in the contact form at the end of this page.

My Goal:  Upon request and encouragement from my sister, friends, and fellow Weight Watchers members, I’ve created Cake & Sprinkles Too! so I can share my recipes and the information that’s helped me achieve weight loss and improved health.  My goal is to create a community where those of us who are interested in eating in a healthy, weight conscious, and delicious way can help, encourage, and support each other, because I truly believe that we do this better when we do it together.

My credentials:  I am by no means a medical professional, exercise professional, or dietitian.  I do not intend anything I share here to be perceived, or taken as if it is from a professional in any of these fields.  Should you need advice or clarification about how diet, exercise, and/or any other topic that might be addressed in this blog relates to your specific health situation, I strongly encourage consultation with your own health professionals.

So, although I’m definitely not a professional or expert, and I’ve (hopefully very clearly) outlined in the above paragraph where I’m not coming from, in the interest of transparency I’d like my readers to know where I am coming from.  I have a science background- I earned my B. S. in Animal Science from Virginia Tech.  (Go Hokies!)  In the process of earning my degree, I was required to take (among lots of other things) many biology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition courses, and their related labs.  I used this education as I worked in two different animal hospitals, and then at the School of Veterinary Medicine at LSU.   I feel my education and work experience, along with an ongoing interest in reading and researching in these areas, has provided me with a solid foundation for understanding much about the various topics related to weight, and weight loss, and it’s my hope that this will allow me to share what I’ve learned and experienced in a way that is helpful to my readers.

Compensation:  For me, a key factor in learning to cook and eat in a healthier manner has been the discovery of specific products, foods as well as tools, that have helped me meet my goals.  Therefore I will often review and recommend products.   When I recommend products, it’s strictly because I use and love them, and want others to know about them also.  I do not accept compensation in exchange for favorably reviewing or recommending any product; my reviews and recommendations are based strictly on my honest opinion, regardless of whether or not I’ve received products from manufacturers.

My relationship with Weight Watchers (WW):   I am a paying monthly pass member, and I absolutely love and wholeheartedly recommend the program.  I personally could never have achieved my weight loss without it, but I am in no way of the opinion that WW is the only way.  In fairness to WW, I feel you should know that I am not, nor have I ever been, an employee of WW; and I am not, in any other way, officially associated with WW.  I’ve had no training from WW, other than that which all members receive in meetings, and therefore I don’t, and cannot, represent or speak for WW.  I receive no compensation from WW for anything I say about it.  Any information I share through Cake & Sprinkles Too! with regard to WW, and it’s program, is based strictly on my own personal experience as a member.

Nutritional Information:  I know how important it is to know what you’re getting, in terms of calories and stats on things like carbs, fat, protein, and fiber, when you choose to eat something- this has been one of the biggest keys to my weight loss success! So, as a courtesy, I try to give a ballpark figure, of calories at least, for my recipes.  But I’m not a nutritionist, and I don’t have access to a lab that would allow me to test each food for myself, to be 100% sure the nutritional information I give is accurate, so there is no way for me to guarantee the info I provide is correct.  I rely on websites like nutritiondata.self.com, which I believe to be very accurate, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Also, anyone can make a mistake, and I absolutely wouldn’t want anyone to be mislead by an error that I could so easily make. This is why I use terms like about, around, roughly, etc., when I do give a figure. I strongly encourage you to get in the habit of figuring this kind of info for yourself.  One of my WW leaders counseled me this way, when I asked her about how to handle this issue here at Cake & Sprinkles Too:  Ultimately, you are responsible for, and will see the results of, anything you choose to eat, not me, so I highly recommend being vigilant and doing the homework for yourself; that way you can know exactly what kind of choices you’re making.  It’s really not too terribly difficult! Yes, I know it’s tedious, but anyone can go to the site I’ve given above, look at the nutritional labels on packages, and/or consult other resources for this kind of information, to figure the info for any food and/or recipe. And, actually, you’d be surprised how much just going through this exercise helps you to learn more about what you’re eating, and ultimately, how to make better choices for yourself and your family!

For legal reasons, I am prohibited from providing the Points Plus Values (PPV) info from the WW program, for any food or recipe, on Cake & Sprinkles Too! because it’s proprietary to WW, and this blog is open to the general public. If you’re a member of WW and have access to their etools, you can calculate this information; if you’re not a member, but want to use PPV, anyone can purchase a PPV calculator at a WW retail store.  This won’t allow you to directly calculate the PPV for a recipe, but you can use it to calculate the PPV for each ingredient, providing you have nutritional info to plug in.

And… one more thing… Just so you know, I don’t figure things like non-starchy vegetables and fruits, spices, seasonings, herbs, or sauces into my estimates- if they aren’t likely to affect the calorie info per serving.  If there are significant enough amounts of these kinds of things in a recipe that I feel they would have an impact, I include them.  Again, if you have any question, don’t take my word for it, do the calculations for yourself!

So, there ya go, I think I’ve covered just about everything I can think of for now. I invite you to go and enjoy what you find here, and please let me know what you think!  : )







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