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Losing weight (this time) hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, but there have been times when I’ve felt really discouraged.  The weeks right before reaching my minus 75 pound milestone were particularly agonizing because it was just going so slowly!  When I finally reached this place I was asked if I had anything to share about how I did it, so I wrote my thoughts about dealing with the feelings of frustration and despair I’d been having.  These feelings really scared me because they’d always caused me to give up in the past, so I shared how my mindset was changing on Weight Watchers group’s Facebook page.  I hope it’ll encourage you when (because, let’s face it- it’s bound to happen) you face your own bumps along the way.


October 9, 2014


About 4 or 6 weeks ago, right about the time when I was seriously stalling out (again…) and feeling really discouraged (again…) over how slowly things were proceeding, God gave me a word- or well, really, an idea- RELENTLESS.  And He’s been quietly showing me that this is how I really should view the process of losing weight.

So, relentless… you know, kind of like how the tide is, when it’s going out. It only recedes by tiny imperceptible fractions of an inch with each wave.


Sometimes it even comes back in, just a bit, and returns to creeping, ever so slowly, back out again.


And the process takes time- sometimes a really LONG time; in some places, there is only one high, and one low tide each day.


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Yet, no matter how it looks, feels, or seems, there are a few things that are absolutely certain- the tide is GOING to go out; whether I can tell or not, it IS moving; and nothing can stop it.

So in a word, the tide’s recession is RELENTLESS. While this “low and slow” manner is definitely not the way I’d like the process of losing weight to work, this is apparently how it does- at least for me.

Now, when I struggle, I repeat:

Be the tide!  Be the tide!  Be the tide!  Be RELENTLESS!